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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bridging the Gap

I worked the Ozark Cattlemen's booth at the Washington County fair in Arkansas a few nights ago.  After my shift at the booth was done, I enjoyed walking around to the other exhibits and seeing what was going on with them.  I was so excited to see the Washington County Farm Bureau's booth - it was an interactive, educational activity for children (and for their parents to watch and learn) to have the opportunity to do and learn what goes on on any given farm.

The Farm Bureau members sitting at the booth interacted and helped to explain farm life to the children who may or may not have ever been exposed to the rural lifestyle, as well as explained where our food comes from.  I love the concept of 'bridging the gap' from the urban to the rural lifestyle - no matter where in the United States.  I am very passionate about sharing our farming way of life with others who live in urban areas and giving them a hands-on experience so they can see the daily life of a farmer in a very real way.

Although the exhibit was indoors and the "realism" of the activities were limited, children got to partake in:
Digging potatoes
Feeding pigs
Gathering eggs
Feeding sheep and learning about wool production
Picking apples
Picking corn
 And after all the fun, they got a sticker that proclaims, "I met a Farmer today!"
 Too often children, and even adults, do not know where their food comes from.  Small steps like this helps to educate consumers about the work of farmers and ranchers.

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  1. Awesome exhibit and I love the I met a Farmer today sticker.