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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day in Agriculture - Sept. 29

What do 6.5 billion people have in common?


Tune into on September 29th as Farm Journal Media editors span the United States to delivery agriculture's story.  Ag Web, powered by Farm Journal, proclaims '...join in watching us capture a snapshot of one day in agriculture by providing cross-country coverage and focusing on how one day of agriculture impacts billions of people.'  

Follow this link to find out how you can participate and to watch a short video about the United States' ag industry!

From Ag Web:

Be a Part of AgWeb’s "A Day in Agriculture"

Farmers, ranchers and others who love agriculture are what make it such a great industry. Be proud of your agricultural contributions and be part of AgWeb’s coverage on Sept. 29.
Here’s how you can participate:
  • Send a video showing what you’re doing on the farm that day
  • Submit several photos with captions of your farm
  • Tweet live updates of what you are doing that day (#dayinag)
  • Call in to the AgWeb editors and provide an audio update
  • Post a status on Facebook as to how you are involved in agriculture
  • Provide a blog-like submission of your life on the farm

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