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Friday, October 7, 2011

Animal Agriculture Alliance

Sorry for the long lost posts - I know it's no excuse, but grad school has caught up with me big time this semester.  I hope to get back on the horse soon!

I was looking at some pictures on the Animal Agriculture Alliance's facebook page this morning and some of them are so cute and full of ag facts, I can't help but share. 

Animal Agriculture Alliance "provides science-based facts to help consumers and the media better understand animal agriculture's importance to our quality of life.  Dating back to 1987, the Animal Agriculture Alliance includes individuals, companies and organizations who are interested in helping consumers better understand the role that animal agriculture plays in providing a safe, abundant food supply to a hungry world. The Alliance speaks with a united voice for the entire animal agriculture industry in order to educate the public about today's farms using sound science."

All images on this post were borrowed from Animal Ag Alliance's Facebook page - Be sure to 'Like' them and support their cause!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to stop by Animal Agriculture Alliance's YouTube channel! Thank a farmer today!