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Monday, August 15, 2011

Organically Grown

This morning, I stumbled across a blog post from FARMnWIFE that gets down to the roots of organic produce.  In this post, when talking about how food officials silenced their protests when an E. Coli outbreak resulted from organic cucumbers and bean sprouts, she states,
"Then the news about the outbreak just faded away. The silence to me was deafening. Where were all the food police, the nutrition gurus, public awareness groups who are supposed to be outraged over harmful food systems. The ones who perpetually deride factory farming accusing big ag of poisoning the food supply with all these chemicals. Their lack of press releases and absence of wrath is truly telling. Because informing the general public about what goes into growing organic food doesn’t bring in donations to their cause. They choose to keep quiet about how most organic vegetables growers use manure for fertilizer. Pointing the finger at chemical companies and industrial agriculture that uses them fills the coffers."
I couldn't agree more with FARMnWIFE when she writes, "So I will continue to purchase food from factory farms and big ag."  Living just outside an extremely liberal town, facing the "organic foodies" is a daily occurrance.  We need to step up and help to educate the public on how "factory farming" is going to be the one thing that saves the food crisis in our growing population. 

FARMnWIFE pointed out an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal by Peter A. Coclanis, titled Food Is Safer Than You Think.  After you read it, pass it on.  We need to hear more from folks like Mr. Coclanis on topics just like this one.  If you have other interesting articles or finds, feel free to share them! I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Jessica,
    I am really enjoying reading your posts! I am learning so much and am thankful for this new knowledge :-) Please keep writing! Maybe you could do a survey or poll on your blog to find out what people want to know? I could link it in my blog if you want!

  2. Maria! Thank you for following and it is SO good to hear from you! I would LOVE to do a survey and if you could repost the link, that would be amazing! Look forward to it.

  3. Thank you for the mention. The sad thing is people want to believe the worst in all situations. They won't listen when you tell them things aren't as bad as they think. So it goes.

    judi @