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Friday, August 26, 2011

10 things.

1. It was gorgeous outside this morning! The temperature on my phone said 68! When does fall get here?

2. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the fall babies pop up one by one in the herds I pass on my way to and from town.

3. The Pistol Annies CD came out this week. Any reviews? I am anxiously awaiting listening to it.

4. I watched the trailer to The Pioneer Woman's new show coming out this fall on Food Network! Get excited!

5. Thank you to all who have posted pictures on the Facebook page If you have any pictures you think helps tell the story of farm and ranch life, add them to the fb page and I will include them in a later post!

6. I saw this morning that Hay & Forage Grower is having a photo contest - I can't decide which picture of mine to enter!

7. I've recently came across some new, interesting, fun, and educational blogs. Check 'em out!
8. One thing you probably didn't know about me: I'm obsessed with lists.

9. When I walked into my office building this morning it smelled of a feed store - which is one of the best smells. Ever.
10. If you're having trouble following the logical sequence and order of this post, welcome to my life.

Happy Friday!

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